As the first fully electric conference center in the nation, we do our part to partake in as many eco-friendly practices as possible at the Ithaca Downtown Conference Center.  The Center was built with sustainability in mind as it features energy efficient lighting, reuseable water bottle refill stations, and floor to ceiling windows that allow for natural lighting, Our sustainability commitment extends to our catering menu, which boasts a minimum of 35% plant-based options, promoting healthier and more sustainable dining choices. We have eliminated single-use items from events at our facility and minimize waste by repurposing leftover prepared food within the Center's retail store. Additionally, a robust composting system handles any remaining food waste, while efficient recycling programs help us to further reduce the carbon footprint. Even fryer oil doesn't go to waste as it is repurposed as fuel for sustainable practices. For grab-and-go items, biodegradable packaging and utensils are utilized in order to minimize environmental harm.

Creating Better Environments

The Ithaca Downtown Conference Center's management company, ASM Gobal, is committed to sustainability, diversity and community through ASM Global Acts in an effort to keep creating better workplaces, a diverse workforce and beautiful local communities.

The broad goals and commitments for ASM Global Acts are:

Protecting the Environment – Reducing waste from the guest experience across our venues​, enhancing facility efficiency through capital investments, and protecting and preserving resources in and around our communities.

Investing in People – Creating an environment of inclusion and gender equity across our organization, growing the diversity of our business partners around the world,​ and enabling opportunities for our current and future workforce.

Strengthening Our Communities – Engaging in improving the vitality of our communities; increasing philanthropic support through meaningful efforts; and enhancing the health and well-being of our coworkers, clients and guests.

ASM Global Acts will establish annual targets that measure impact and progress to achieving these commitments.

The ASM Global Acts Foundation will support philanthropic and community-based endeavors guided by its sustainability and diversity pillars. In addition, the ASM Global Acts Scholarship will focus on serving diverse and under-resourced communities with educational and career-development opportunities.

“Whether you are a performer on our stages, a technician, hospitality team member or visitor to our venue, we all have the ability to work together and harness our collective action to make the world a better place. Our ASM Global Acts initiative is inspired by this idea of action and brings to life our dedication to making a meaningful difference in our communities and beyond.”

- Ron Bension, President & CEO of ASM Global